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This website is completely dedicated to Veterinary Dermatology and only accessible to veterinary surgeons (registration required). It has not been yet optimised for iPhone or iPad.

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Vets will find information about Virbac innovations that are based on 4 main axes: molecules, technologies, compliance and education. And also about educational tools to help in veterinary dermatology conditions management in dogs and cats, in daily practice.

Vets will find as well easily accessible multilingual education tools, such as:

"Clinical Handbook on Canine Dermatology"
proposes a systematic dermatological approach to help in dermatology daily practice

"Didactic Atlas on Canine Dermatoses"
practical and didactic tool to explain to pet owners the main skin diseases

"Virbac-Derm Diag app"
is for vet surgeons only. It is aimed to help in the differential diagnosis process in canine dermatology

"The videos on Complementary Examinations"
demonstrating the dermatological approach in small animal practice, and illustrate perfectly how to perform routine diagnostic tests



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